Lucky by Gabrielle Bell

If you are interested in great comics and the creative process, I strongly suggest reading Gabrielle Bell’s books and her autobiographic webcomic Lucky.n


It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted here, and even longer since I’ve posted a comic. but spring is here and it’s time to try again. Hello!

But first,

-This coming weekend, I’ll be at the  MoCCA Festival.

I’ll be on a panel with Nicole Georges, Gina Wynbrandt and Jennifer Hayden, moderated by Heidi MacDonald, at 3:30 PM, at the MoCCA’s  programming venue, Ink48, 653 11th Avenue at 48th Street, around the corner from the primary MoCCA venue, in the Helvetica room, on the 4th floor. Got that?

-Also I’m looking forward to seeing two giants of autobiography, Ariel Schrag in conversation with Phoebe Gloeckner, also Saturday, at 12:30, at the Garamond room, also located at Ink48.

-When not at those talks, I’ll be drawing small portraits for ten bucks each with the Uncivilized Books table. For small children, approximately fifteen to twenty minutes of…

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Educational television is an oxymoron

From the Globe and Mail. The link will probably be broken soon as they slim down and/or remove content, so I’ve copied the aritcle below, for those who are interested:

Educational television a myth, doctor warns


February 12, 2008 at 1:10 PM EST — He has been characterized as the ultimate killjoy, the extremist fringe thinker who refuses to recognize the realities of modern life.

But for Dr. Aric Sigman, an American psychologist living in Britain and the author of Remotely controlled; How Television is Damaging Our Lives, the battle against what he calls the “recreational junk food” of TV is one well worth fighting.
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