Jillian Tamaki is my new Superhero

Master master master comics artist (Skim), illustrator, artist, humourist, web-cartooist (SuperMutant Magic Acadamy) and blogger (Jillian Tamaki sketchblog), Jillian Tamaki’s art just … More


Ponyville 1. Leah made it 2. She’s a kid! 3. They’re not orcs! 4. Her dad put it on the … More

Toronto Disaster!

Courtesy of Alexis.. thanks Alexis! Addendum: I’m told this piece appeared on the Mercer Report March of last year, but … More

LOTR ‘Sweded’

As homeschoolers, we are also avid Lord of the Rings fans. I don’t know why. We must fall exactly into … More