Dave Howard is the (long retired) founder of the Toronto Comic Jam; has written freelance reviews, articles and interviews for Quill & Quire, toronotist.com, Broken Pencil and Exclaim!; is the publisher & founding editor of comics anthology DTM; sometimes draws people on the subways in and about Toronto; homeschooled his daughter for 10 years with his partner; studied literary criticism at York University in the 1990’s; and has most recently happily worked as a reporting and business analyst for over 14 years in the telecom industry.

He lives in downtown Toronto with his partner Theresa and their daughter Leah.

I’m not entirely sure what I want this blog to do – except that I’d like to be able to post our goings-on from time to time, for friends and family, and to find moral support from those people who may be interested in what we are doing.