Hark! An Interview with Kate Beaton

I had the pleasure of interviewing the great Kate Beaton recently: Hark! An Interview with Kate Beaton | books@torontoist.

Here’s a quote:

Howard: Is there other comedy that you like, that you would watch or read, growing up?

Beaton: Definitely. I think my favourite humour is still Stephen Leacock, and I really like the Algonquin Roundtable type of humour; that old “1066 And All That” as well. That kind of “educated” type of humour, that doesn’t talk down to people.  But then hilarious slapstick is just as good as that. I don’t know. I like a lot of different kinds of humour, just like everybody else. I like Arrested Development, and shows like that. The usual. (laughs)

Howard: I’m wondering where you get your comedic sensibility?

Beaton: I watched a lot of Monty Python as a teenager, and then, wanted to be like that, I guess. It’s hard to know. I think that, in comedy, you’re not really doing your job until it’s only your voice. It’s your uniqueness that makes you stand out. When you start out you tend to copy a lot of different people that you admired—their style and their delivery and their subjects—and then eventually, hopefully, its just you, it’s just your voice, with influences, but not lifting anything directly. That makes you stand out.

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