Belated tag

Kim tagged me oh so long ago. I’m sorry, Kim. I now answer 4 things, 4 things, 4 things, 4 things…

4 jobs I have had
-Fred Flintstone at Canada’s Wonderland
-Wendy’s fry cook (aka ‘grill’)
-Pelecan Players community theatre actor
-Drapery Installer

4 Movies I can watch over and over
-Apocalyse Now (see Wendy’s reference, above)
-A Christmas Carol (Alistair Sim version, 1951)
-A Bug’s Life

4 Places I have lived
-Jane and Finch, Toronto
-Weston and Lawrecne, Toronto
-Bloor and Bathurst, Toronto
-Dufferin and College, Toronto

4 TV Shows I’ve watched over my life
-Gilligan’s Island
-Dr. Who
-Hill Street Blues
-Gilmore Girls

4 Places I have vacationed
-Washago, Ontario
-Paris, France
-Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
-Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto

4 of my favorite dishes
-Theresa’s Peanut Butter noodles
-Theresa’s roast beef
-three eggs over easy with coffee, brown toast, bacon, and HP Sauce
-Swiss Chalet quarter chicken white meat with fries and a 7up, despite the fact it disgusts me.

4 sites I visit daily
Learning Daily
The Jason Turner Project

4 Places I would rather Be
-Washago, Ontario
-Paris, France
-Watching Lord of the Rings with Leah with the sound turned down
-In bed with my head under the covers, fast asleep

I tag…
Nadia, Brett, Jason and Dalton.


  1. <>Tagged!<> I don’t usually do blogmemes, but I’ll try to get round to this.Don’t take this the wrong way, Dave, but I can totally see you as Fred Flintstone. 😀 YABBA-DABBA-DOOOOO!


  2. Hi Nadia… well, it took me three weeks, I understand.Now, just think of all the kids in the park saying… “Hey Mom, why is Fred only as tall as Barney?” Huh boyeee.


  3. Dave thank you for doing this blog homework assignment. I would give you an A+ but since it is a tad late I will give you a B. Chortle, laugh, gaffaw…Hey Dave I didn’t know you where a thespian, although you did make a pretty woman…(do you recall a certain Halloween)


  4. Kim… thank you for nudging me along, I really need it. if not for you, i probably would not have revived the sketckbook blog. and, well… i like the attention!speaking of which, yeah, gone are the days when i could snake myself into the little sequin number i wore that night. Mike S. hit on me, too. ha!


  5. one of my fav movies was also A Christmas Carol, though a different version!and a friend has just introduced me to The Gilmore Girls, just on the first season but like it so far!and really thanks for the everyday i am honored!


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